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We are a catered consultancy agency based in Zurich and Brussels. We represent and work with governments, individuals and companies to navigate political and regulatory opportunities and threats in the EU. We support our partners with tailor made strategies and effective communication to promote, consolidate and protect their interests.

We are a made-to-measure independent consulting company bringing together Public and Media Affairs. Our dynamic and flexible team of professionals bring experience in national and supranational political institutions, law, economics, communications and public affairs.

Start with analysis End with action

Our Expertise

We provide holistic solutions and collaborate, when necessary, with experts and other associates to help handle specific projects, fulfill aspirations and realise goals. We bring experience, passion, professionalism and personalisation in your side to help you tackle the most complex and important decisions.

Our Services

Strategic Consulting

Public Affairs


Crisis Management

Media Support

Investor Relations

Regulatory Framework

Political Analysis & Intelligence

Event Management

Seminars & Trainings

Social Media & Digital Services

Let us help you engage with the world

Our services and experience helps our clients identify their stakeholders and engage them with a targeted and multidimensional approach. We help organisations and individuals operate successfully in the fast-paced and complex world of European policy and society.

Our values are based on transparency and professionalism towards all stakeholders and the decision making process. Your image and reputation is our utmost concern when promoting your messages and strategic priorities. Additionally, our crisis management solutions prevent or manage unfortunate situations.

Strategic Consulting Public Affairs Advocacy Crisis Management Political Analysis

Investor Relations Media Support Regulatory Framework Social Media & Digital Services

Event Management Seminars Trainings

Investor Relations Media Support Regulatory Framework Social Media & Digital Services

Strategic Consulting Public Affairs Advocacy Crisis Management Political Analysis

Event Management Seminars Trainings

Pro Bono

Social responsibility lies in the core of our culture. We carefully and discreetly work with and help causes that are close to our hearts.

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Interested in joining our team? There are currently no open vacancies available but feel free to send your CV and contact details for the future.

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